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5 Tips to Buy an Air Conditioning System

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Do you want to buy a new air conditioner or replace your current system? This blog will examine five tips to help you choose the right air conditioning system.

1. Measure Your House

When the system matches your house’s square footage, the air conditioner will have the best energy efficiency and performance. An oversized system can lead to high energy bills. In contrast, an undersized HVAC will not easily cool or heat all parts of your house.

You can multiply the width and length of each room to find the size in square footage. Once you have added the dimensions of all rooms, you will multiply the total by 25. The result is the British Thermal Units (BTU) per hour that your house needs.

2. Select the Right Type

All HVAC systems have the same function, but each system has unique features. For example, each air conditioner has a different energy efficiency rating. The main HVAC types are:

Ultimately, your HVAC type choice will depend on the design of your home and your preferences.

3. Determine Your Budget

Many homeowners will probably select a less expensive HVAC to save money. Nevertheless, an inexpensive air conditioner may have high maintenance costs. Therefore, install a system that has low maintenance costs. You should also know the installation cost of each air conditioner.

4. Know Your Room’s Insulation

Insulation blocks the transfer of cold or heat into and out of your rooms. Therefore, insulation can regulate the temperature of your rooms. The result is that you can install smaller air conditioners in well-insulated rooms.

Your room’s insulation level depends on many factors, like window covers and the type of construction material. Other factors are the type of floors and length of space between the walls and doors.

5. Check for Smart Features

Many AC manufacturers have integrated smart features in the latest units. Popular smart AC features include humidity triggers, notifications, scheduling, and location-based controls. These features allow you to control your air conditioner remotely. For example, you can increase or reduce a room’s temperature from your tablet or smartphone.

Many smart ACs have programmable features to enable customization. These units can connect to your WIFI and home assistant devices. For example, you can preset the temperature settings for each hour of the day. Alternatively, you can program the smart air conditioner to detect temperature changes and react accordingly automatically.

Get the Right Air Conditioning System

An air conditioner is the best device to control your home’s temperature. However, select a suitable AC to reap maximum benefits.

Do you want heating and air conditioning services in Sacramento Valley? CABS Heating & Air Conditioning installs and repairs all types of HVAC systems. Contact us to get reliable services. Also, please let us know of any questions or concerns you may have. We will be happy to go over them so you can have peace of mind regarding your HVAC needs.

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