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Benefits of a Ductless Air Conditioning System

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Ductless or mini-split air conditioners are not a commonly used cooling system in American homes. However, they are a surprisingly viable option for homes with a ductless heating system. A ductless air conditioner can also be a valuable addition for homeowners with small spaces where installing central air conditioning is not feasible. If you are looking to install an air conditioner for your home, read on to discover how you can benefit from a ductless air conditioning system.

Personalized Comfort 

Homeowners can place ductless air conditioning units in different rooms in the house, and the controls for each unit are different. Therefore, each member of a household can set whatever temperature they want on the unit in their room.

Easy Installation

Homeowners may sometimes hold off on installing traditional air conditioning systems due to the amount of work involved in the installation. For instance, technicians have to install ductwork throughout the house for better cooling when installing a ducted HVAC system. Installing ductwork often takes up a lot of time and money. The installation process for a ductless air conditioner is easier and faster because no ductwork installation is necessary. Additionally, the ease of installation reduces installation by up to 50% less than the installation costs of a ducted.

Improved Energy Efficiency 

Nearly 30% of energy losses in a home result from ductwork leaks in an HVAC system. Additionally, traditional air conditioners use speed compressors that cycle intermittently to program indoor temperatures and, as a result, consume more electricity. Homeowners can avoid all this energy wastage with a ductless AC unit. Ductless ACs will not lose energy through leaks. Additionally, they use variable speed compressors that run constantly to regulate indoor temperatures, thus saving electricity because they don’t cycle on and off. Homeowners can also switch off ductless ACs placed in other rooms that are not in use to save on energy.

Better Indoor Air Quality

Ductwork is vulnerable to dust accumulation and mold growth. Therefore, with a ducted HVAC system, owners have to deal with indoor air pollution, which can worsen allergies and asthma symptoms. Ductless ACs have a multi-layer filtration system that filters out any pollutants and allergens in the air and offers excellent humidity control.

Compact Size

Ducted air conditioning systems are bulky and require extensive ductwork, which may take up a lot of space. However, unlike traditional HVACs, ductless air conditioners have small components that do not occupy much space in the home.  Homeowners may have a ductless AC suspended in the ceiling to save on wall space. Additionally, one outdoor connection unit can accommodate up to four ductless ACs, helping save on exterior space.

Less Maintenance

Ductless ACs do not require as much maintenance as ducted AC units because they have fewer and more compact parts. For a ducted AC unit, homeowners have to clean the ductwork and regularly check and fix ductwork leaks.  But, with a ductless air conditioning unit, homeowners only have to clean the filters regularly and clear blockages from the outdoor unit fans. Homeowners can also check the indoor vents for obstructions to maintain constant airflow.

More Home Design Options

With ductless air conditioning systems, homeowners have more freedom to fit their ACs into the home design. Homeowners can have a portable ductless unit they can place anywhere and move when rearranging the home. One may also choose a unit they can hang on the wall or suspend from the ceiling.

Less Noise

Present ductless AC models are less noisy than older HVAC models. Their fans run at lower speeds, and their compressors are installed outside the home, reducing indoor noise. Consider installing a ductless AC in your home to experience the above benefits. If you need a ductless AC unit for your home, contact us today for installation services in Sacramento.

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