SMUD Heating & Cooling Rebates

Is your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system old and inefficient? Replacing it can trim your energy bills and increase the comfort of your home.

CABS Heating & Air Conditioning has partnered up with SMUD to offer up to $3,000 in rebates on energy-efficient heat pump heating and cooling systems installed by a qualifying contractor. If you are going to do multiple improvements, such as a heat pump water heater, a heat pump HVAC system or insulation, and an electrical panel upgrade the SMUD Home Performance Program rebates qualify you for up to 11,000 in rebate dollars. Our team processed all the rebate documents for you, so all you have to look forward to is receiving a check!

Heating & Cooling System Replacement: Rebate $3,000

Up to 40% of the energy used in your home goes to heating and cooling. Replacing your HVAC system with more efficient equipment will improve your comfort and save you money. Replace your old heating and cooling system with a high-efficiency HVAC system meeting SMUD & TECH’s program standards and qualify for up to $4,800 in rebates.

Heat Pump HVAC requirements
  • 16 SEER cooling efficiency
  • 8.2 HSPF heating efficiency (9.0 HSPF to qualify for TECH Clean California incentives)
  • 2-stage compressor or better
  • Connected thermostat (Wi-Fi enabled, 7-day programmable)
  • Existing ductwork sealed as required by Title 24 energy code
  • Replacement ductwork insulated to a minimum of R-8

Seal & insulate: Rebate $3,000

In most houses, air leaks add up to the equivalent of a fully open window. Leaky ducts in attics and crawlspaces can account for 20% or more of your home’s energy losses. Air-sealing and adding insulation are often the most cost-effective ways to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

  • Air-seal your home to SMUD program standards, including attic floor.
  • Install and seal new ductwork.
  • Insulate your attic and deep-bury ductwork.

Heat pump water heaters: Rebate $2,500

Choosing a more efficient heat pump water heater can help you reduce your monthly water heating bills and lower your home’s emissions from natural gas. Use the SMUD Contractor Network to find a qualified contractor to install your heat pump water heater. Let’s get started!

Go Electric bonus: Rebate $2,500

After you complete the Heating & Cooling package or install a heat pump water heater, you’ll be ready to wire your house for an EV charger and circuits for all-electric appliances.

  • Upgrade electrical panel
  • Add EV charger circuit
  • Add water heater circuit
  • Add range/cooktop circuit
  • Add clothes dryer circuit
Comfortable Home Rebates

Comfortable Home Rebates

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CABS Heating & Air Conditioning has been the leader in Energy Efficient Homes for several years by partnering with manufacturers like Mitsubishi, American Standard, and Bradford & White. These companies have created some of the most energy-efficient equipment on the market today. Heat Pumps are not a new technology. They are, however, significantly more efficient than in years past. Instead of burning fuel, Heat Pumps use refrigerants to move heat from one place to another. See our mini split systems.

A win-win scenario, saving you money while saving the planet

The worst impacts of climate change can be averted by eliminating the use of fossil fuels in the over 14 million homes across California. For the average home, replacing a gas furnace or water heater with a heat pump cuts heating-related climate pollution by 45% over the next ten years. Cutting utility usage and expense is especially true if you’ve installed, or plan on installing a Solar PV system in your home. You no longer pay a gas bill to heat your home, let the sun cover the costs!

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