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After a hard day’s work, you want to put your feet up and relax in your Antelope home. With our cold, cold winters and hot, hot summers, being able to wind down depends on how well your HVAC works. If yours needs a repair, service or replaced entirely, CABS Heating & Air Conditioning is here to help you. We are a team that places a high priority on you having a good experience from start to finish. That means with CABS Heating & Air Conditioning you get people who are constantly being educated, not just in HVAC and Air Quality, but in how we treat our customers. Don’t wait another day with a home that doesn’t welcome you with perfect temperatures—call CABS Heating & Air Conditioning!

CABS Heating and Air Conditioning HVAC Services in Sacramento County, California

Antelope Air Conditioning

Getting together with friends and family is important to us in Antelope. We love gathering in a cool home during those heat waves. Can you invite everyone over to your place or is your A/C not working? Call CABS to start enjoying your home in summer. We repair all brands and are confident that you will be another one of our happy customers that also happens to be our neighbor.

Air Conditioning Services

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Heater Repair Antelope

No one wants to be wrapped up in a ton of blankets shivering, looking at a broken heater. Let us help you feel cozy in your home again. We offer repairs for issues large and small on all makes and models of heaters. We care that you’re warm when the weather turns cold so we go out of our way to be your complete resource for repairing your heating system. We are proud to be a part of the Antelope community, serving our neighbors’ needs. Give us a call!

Heating Services

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Antelope HVAC Repair & Replacement

Do you wonder if you need to replace your HVAC unit? Are you worried that if you have someone look at it they’re going to automatically say, “Replace it!” just to make a bigger sale? Leave those concerns behind with CABS. We’re a local company serving Antelope with integrity. We’re honest because it’s the right thing to be but we also know that we will see our customers again since we live and work here with you. For any of your HVAC concerns, call CABS.

CABS HVAC Services

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Antelope Indoor Air Quality Services

Your Antelope home—the place you share with your loved ones is also the place that is likely to be 2 to 5 times more polluted than the outside. Today’s homes are so insulated that they can create a toxic atmosphere. CABS can help you solve all of your indoor air quality concerns, bringing allergy relief, better immune support and more peace of mind. Call us today for the health of your family.

Indoor Air Quality Services

Indoor Air Quality Services - CABS Heating and Air Conditioning Services