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Gold River, CA

Expert Local Home Services In Gold River CA

CABS Heating & Air Conditioning is happy to provide expert local service in Gold River, CA. Started in 2011, our company is family-owned and operated as well as dedicated to bringing you the best in home comfort services. Our HVAC services include AC and furnace repair, replacements, and maintenance. We also do plumbing & electric work!

We invite you to check out some of our reviews from others in Gold River, CA. They’ll demonstrate our commitment to quality service with every job we do. Don’t wait – call CABS today at 916-375-1800 to get started now!

Local Reviews
for Gold River, CA

Ronnie C.

Ronnie C.

Found blower motor failing. Making a loud noise. Ordered blower motor for Lennox. Customer request next week to come back to perform work as they will be out of town for the holiday.

Near Corvina Dr, Gold River, CA 95670
Nick S.

Nick S.

Airflow on the system was set to 1800 for heating, and cooling was set for 725, in living room. Client stated that the system during summer, and ac season that the system worked incredibly well. Adjusted living room area to 825-850 and had client listen to system, airflow was not making noise now.

Near Corvina Dr, Gold River, CA 95670
Ronnie C.

Ronnie C.

Age: 15 yr carrier Size: 80k btu Location: gas split attic ground Ducting: R-4 grey flex, sealed and intact but brittle Insulation: R-30 batted Work performed: annual heat maintenance, system is operating at this time but not within manufactured specifications due to inducer motor is running beyond max amps .83 of .75 amps, blower motor is leaking oil and running beyond max amps 9.25 of 8.60 amps, heat exchanger has bad hot spots and especially where insulation was laying on top of the heat exchanger. Cleaned flame sensor, ignitor is good, tighten wires on circuit board, light browning on circuit board, blower capacitor has a charge of 9.13 of 10 mfd, evaporator coil light dust debris, blower compartment is dusty, and getting a temp rise of 47 degrees. Work suggested Talked to the customer of the rebates that are going on. Told him I have a meeting with our rebate person tomorrow morning. He would like me to contact him when I hear more about the rebates. Customer very thankful of

Near Dutch Creek Ct, Gold River, CA 95670
Nick S.

Nick S.

Arrived on site for 6 month old install, heat pump, Lennox our install. Talked with client about the system and how they have been enjoying the system, as well as how the heat pump works. And where they should be seeing condensation at the system during heating mode as well. Client stated he’s seen it once and had the heat strips run a bit. Checked filter and coil, all electrical at air handler secure and tight. Filter good, insulation new blow in and duct work silver flex sealed well and blown insulation over the top. Left information with client for maintenance program to keep the system up to date with tune ups as well as keeping warranties active on the systems as well AGE/MANUF:6 months Lennox SIZE:4 ton LOCATION:attic// backyard FILTER:x7395 DUCTING:silver flex INSULATION R-VALUE:r38 WORK PERFORMED: Upon arrival the client stated that the system has been running very well.. The filter is in a good condition. Ducting is sealed and intact.I removed the service panel from the u

Near Campton Cir, Gold River, CA 95670
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