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Simple Ways to Lower Your Home Heating Costs This Winter

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With the cold season already here, homeowners in West Sacramento have likely witnessed a surge in energy bills due to continual home heating. The EIA, or Energy Information Administration, reports that households using electricity for winter heating spend $1,268 while those utilizing natural gas incur $746.

Although keeping your home warm in winter can be expensive, it shouldn’t leave your pockets dry. Learn eight easy ways to reduce your home’s heating bill and save on utility costs.

Dress and Decorate for Warmth

Save big on heating costs by wearing warm clothing indoors so you don’t need to set the thermostat so high. Wear warm pajamas, socks, hats, gloves, and slippers. Hot drinks will also go a long way to keep off the cold. Also, invest in warm accessories around your home, from floor rugs to heavy curtains, and warm blankets for your beds and sofas.

Replace Air Filters

Changing air filters is an essential furnace maintenance task many homeowners overlook. However, dirty and clogged air filters contribute significantly to crazy heating bills since the unit works harder than necessary to heat your home. Replacing your air filters can lower your heating expenses and enhance your indoor air quality and comfort level.

Program Your Thermostat

A few changes to your thermostat can lower your energy bills tremendously this winter. For instance, you can save on your energy bill by setting your thermostat several degrees cooler for a few hours daily. A programmable thermostat is ideal since it lets you create heating schedules. It can lower temperatures at night and when you’re away from home.

Use Space Heaters

If you need localized heating — perhaps in your study area or bathroom — a space heater is often more energy-efficient than the furnace. It lets you warm a single room and uses less energy rather than heat the entire house and increase costs. However, remember to use space heaters safely based on the manufacturers’ recommendations.

Seal Air Leaks

Air leaks on doors, windows, walls, ceilings, and light fixtures allow warm air to escape, requiring your furnace to work harder and utility bills to surge. Sealing air leaks with caulk or weather stripping and insulating the attic, basement, and crawl space can prevent air leaks and lower heating costs.

Get Cooking

Few things warm you up like a hot homemade meal on a chilly day. Since your stove or oven generates heat when cooking, you get a warmer home and can lower your thermostat’s setting. If you bake, consider leaving the oven door open after finishing to let out the much-needed heat.

Let the Sun In

Open your blinds to let sunlight warm your house during sunny days. If you have trees near your windows, trim them to allow as much sun warmth as possible. The sun may be enough to warm your space for the day or require you to run your furnace less frequently. Do not forget to close your window treatments at night to trap the heat.

Schedule Routine Maintenance

While you may assume that your furnace works just fine, have an HVAC professional inspect it regularly for optimal efficiency. The professional ensures that your furnace works efficiently to attain maximum energy savings. Also, they identify any problems that may increase energy bills and compromise the system’s functioning.

Winter often comes with sky-high energy bills due to constant furnace or heat pump use. Luckily, you can save money on home heating with the above techniques.

Get in touch with CABS Heating & Air Conditioning for all your heating needs in West Sacramento, from heating installation to repair, maintenance, and replacement. We have skilled heating contractors and years of experience to keep your family warm in winter while saving you money.

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