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The Dangers of Reusing AC Filters

Who doesn’t appreciate the chance to save some money? Homeowners may look at the costs of running an AC and think there are corner-cutting steps that could bring down bills. Reusing a disposable filter may seem like a plan, but it could be a poor one. Disposable filters require replacing, not reusing. Reusing them comes with dangers.

Mold Grows on the Filter

Wetting and cleaning a disposable filter won’t work too well. Besides not getting the filter thoroughly clean, a wet filter may experience mold growth. Mold might then continue to grow inside the AC. As air circulates through the ducts, it may carry mold particles into the home. That could lead to an unhealthy situation.

Damaging the Filter

Removing the filter for cleaning involves physically handling it. Doing so might be a bad idea as filters don’t respond well when handled excessively. Tearing or puncturing the filter might occur, and these imperfections could undermine the entire purpose of a filter. Filters capture dirt, dust, pollen, and other debris. If holes appear in the filters, then some of those contaminants end up in the air. The air travels through the ducts and into the home, undermining indoor air quality.

Also, dirt may collect inside the air conditioning system. The dirt could cause problems for the AC. The system may need to work harder to compensate for the accumulated dirt on its parts. Premature wear and tear, combined with reduced efficiency, might result.

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Poor Cleaning Strategies Don’t Work

Scrubbing a filter or using a vacuum on one won’t do much. The screen’s fibers are small, and even the best effort won’t be effective. Besides, disposable filters aren’t meant for cleaning in the first place. Dirt will likely remain, and the filter won’t do a thorough job. The AC and connected furnace could suffer avoidable problems due to a dirty filter.

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