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Tips for Maintaining Your AC System

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Regular maintenance is a fundamental part of ensuring that your AC functions properly and efficiently. A well-serviced unit operates optimally when it uses less energy, requires fewer repairs, and has a long lifespan. As such, you save time and money and have greater peace of mind knowing your AC won’t malfunction when you need it most. Learn five tips for maintaining your AC.

Clean the Condenser

Your AC has an inside unit that absorbs heat inside your home and an outside unit – the condenser that discharges the heat outside. With time, dust, leaves, grass, and branches accumulate on the condenser and inhibit its functioning. Consequently, the unit works harder to discharge heat from indoors, increasing the probability of premature wear and failure.

Therefore, homeowners in Sacramento must clean their outdoor units to get rid of anything obstructing airflow. Start by switching off the AC to promote safety during the task. Then, use a garden hose to wash any debris and dust on the unit. Lastly, trim any shrubs and branches growing too close to the condenser.

Check Refrigerant Level

Checking your refrigerant level is essential for two primary reasons. First, you identify whether your refrigerant levels are low and require refiling. Some of the symptoms of low refrigerant include ice on evaporator coils, skyrocketing energy bills, and uneven cooling.

Second, if your refrigerant levels are low even after refilling, you may have a leak. A refrigerant leak poses health and safety concerns for your family as well as damages your AC unit. Therefore, if you suspect a refrigerant leak, call a professional immediately to identify the leak and fix it.

Clean or Replace Air Filters

Dirty air filters not only harm your AC but also compromise your home air quality. When filters get clogged, they cannot capture contaminants from your home’s air, and normal airflow is obstructed. Subsequently, your AC strains to cool your home, resulting in high energy bills and premature component wear.

Depending on your filter type, change or replace it based on the manufacturer’s instructions. How often you change your filters depends on the frequency of use, the presence of pets, and your region’s air quality. You may require frequent filter replacement in summer due to constant use and if you have furry friends at home.  Changing an air filter can reduce your AC’s energy use by 5 to 15 percent.

Inspect Air Ducts

Air ducts are among the most overlooked AC components since they are hidden away in crawl spaces and attics, thus out of sight and mind. However, you should check your ductwork periodically to guarantee good air quality and save energy and money.

Over time, dust, debris, and other pollutants build up in your ducts. These contaminants can be blown into your home’s air, compromising its quality and posing health issues.

Your ducts may wear out and develop cracks and leaks. Conditioned air escapes through the leaks before getting to all rooms in your home. In fact, 30 percent of conditioned air is lost through holes and cracks in ducts. Cleaning ductwork and sealing any leaks and cracks can go a long way to increase AC efficiency and functionality.

Hire a Professional for AC Maintenance

In addition to the AC maintenance tasks above, schedule professional AC maintenance at least twice every year. Since HVAC professionals have training and experience in AC units, they will examine every component of your AC, from the refrigerant to compressor, fans, air ducts, and coils, to ensure they operate correctly.

They also identify any issues affecting your AC before they escalate and cost you tons of money in repairs and replacement.

Contact CABS Heating & Air Conditioning for high-quality cooling services in Sacramento, CA. We offer highly personalized AC tune-ups, installation, repairs, and replacement. You can trust our expertise to keep your AC running efficiently and reliably.

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