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Why Does My AC Unit Need an Air Filter?

Would your air conditioning unit still run if someone removed the air filter? Yes, it would. And you may never even notice the filter isn’t there. Unfortunately, you would soon find out the hard way that it is necessary to have a clean air filter inside the AC. The risks of not using one are enormous.

The Filter’s Purpose Inside the AC

Even the cleanest home or office has tons of dirt, dander, dust, debris and other unwanted particles floating around in the air. Whenever you open a door or a window, some of those unwanted particles find their way inside. When you run the air conditioner during hot weather, all those particles get sucked into the unit. The filter, if it is doing its job, catches all that debris. And it is a good thing dirt and dust collect on the filter and not inside the air conditioner.

Without a filter, the unit could run into trouble. If you need AC repair or installation work in the Sacramento or surrounding area, [company_name] can help. Skilled technicians help homeowners throughout the year.

No Filter Means Trouble

An air conditioner is comprised of many different complex parts. All the many components play an essential role in the effective operation of the system. If dirt finds its way inside the mechanism, don’t expect the unit to work correctly. At the very least, the added dirt could cause the system to perform inefficiently. Expect the monthly electric bill to go up as the unit strains to operate.

At worst, the unit could suffer damage due to the dirt buildup inside the system. Parts might require an immediate replacement when the unit breaks down. And if it breaks down, is the damage so much that replacement makes a better plan? Hopefully, things will never get that far. Make sure to change filters every two or three months and get an annual inspection/cleaning every year.

Call the Professionals

Why not call [company_name] when you need AC service in Sacramento? We perform heating, cooling, attic insulation and ductwork services. Our technicians are fully certified and ready to provide you with stellar service. Give us a call today.

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